Autumn arrivals are weeks away & we're already running very low.



Life is tough and it is beautiful. We'll keep saying it. It'll always be the case.

Sometimes it's really tough. I've decide that coronavirus shall now be known as "coronabastard". Not sure if I'm being original or just stole that off Twitter without realising. I doubt it matters.

With that in mind, our over-riding feeling is "Jackets don't matter" right now. They're nice to haves. To be fair, they always were, but especially now.

Video on FRAHM's coronabastard (yes, I still find it mildly amusing/distracting) response:

Life is being tough on lots of people's mental health, so we have doubled donations to our official charity partner, Mind.

As a brand that's upfront about the realities of life and men's mental health, we also have a responsibility to step up, offer advice, be positive where appropriate and try to help as best we can.

The homepage, Instagram, our email updates and podcast will, we hope, provide guidance, relaxation and inspiration over the coming hard weeks. Sometimes we'll be very serious, and sometimes, I hope, a lighter touch. Whatever makes sense. We want to help you feel better.

I've always let you into the business and my decision making, especially as so many of you run or own businesses yourselves. It's good to share this stuff.

I am extremely thankful I built FRAHM to weather such a storm. It's only me who does everything, and pre-orders mean we don't have to buy loads of stock upfront, like our colleagues in other brands, whom we are thinking of right now. 

I am lucky to work alone, with a lone countryside office, so I can come and go as necessary right now. Deliveries (next day for all UK) continue as normal.

I don't want hubris or complacency to creep in. We also want you to have something to cheer you up or look forward to, if you want. So it makes sense to offer 20% off for pre-orders.

I'm also popping some office stock on Sale at 30%. FRAHM never does Sales, ever, or wasn't supposed to, but we all know this is a different situation, and the rules are out the door. I am being very dull and sensible!

With that in mind, it seems pretty foolish to start spending a load of money on production, so I have moved back some garments. Here's the update:

Regarding returns policy, normally it's 30 days after receiving your jacket (so I can resell what tends to be in-demand stock). Now all orders are 60 days after any lockdown (how bizarre saying that) or restrictions end. I'm very easy going - as long as it's unused, it'll be fine.

Phew. I hope you agree this is sensible and as positive (as it can be) stuff. The main thing is to be the brand we're built to be - helpful, kind and honest about life.

Look after yourself as well as others, and remember, you can and will recover. Just keep plugging away a bit each day.

Keep moving forward, no matter how many times you get pushed backwards. GET OUTSIDE!!

Take care, Nick.

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