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Frahm’s tagline is “making jackets for curious minds”.

What did we specifically choose that? How does it relate to you? What the hell has it got to do with jackets?

Curiosity is a state of mind that can define a man and our world.

When you are curious you are open-minded. Rather than making an snap judgement, you are plastic, you use the tools at your disposal to make decisions and absorb. Maybe change. Certainly remember.

Logic. Empathy. Experience. An admission of ignorance and/or imperfection. A willingness to be tested and to change.

Curious men don’t make snap judgements. We listen, create and move forwards.

You and I, we’re curious about different things.

I stared at my daughter as she experienced waves for the first time. She ran into them headlong, with her face to the water. It hit her squarely in the face. Her joy, her intoxicating, overpowering delight at this new experience will stay with me forever.

frahm jacket nick hussey daughter curious minds blog cornwall

What is it she’s feeling? How can I bottle that? How can I live like that? Seeing the world with wonder and uncynical delight? Fearless, free. How can I remember this moment? With a photograph? By talking about it? This moment sparked a thousand questions and filled my world with innocence and joy. Real joy. Real joy doesn’t happen often. Does it?(?)

I stare at the stars from my little Somerset garden. That star. What was it’s story? What colour is it, up close? How close could I get to it before I died? How many light years away? So what’s happened to it since? Gone supernova? Were other organisms wondering the same, or burnt to a crisp, bizarre civilisations lost? Do we live in a multi-verse? How? How the hell? My brain! I'm permanently a 7 year old boy, asking too many questions.

Scorcese or Kubrick?

2001 a space odyssey kubrick

Could I row across The Atlantic?

Would I die for my country?

Le Corbusier. Community villain but architectural saint?

Le Corbusier

Is that guy opposite me on the tube ok? What’s his story?

Is being that rich a curse or utopia? Is it about money, or attitude? Are any lottery winners ever happy?

In FRAHM we are curious about why jackets are like they. They feel too flimsy, or tricky to look after, or not cut right. Can we make them better?

Why do big brands make jackets out of waxed fabric that’s so impractical? Is tradition worth it if it’s less good? Can we innovate it enough, so it’s classic, but washable and far more worthy or the wearer? What is ‘enough’? How much closer to perfect can we get?

frahm jacket curious minds

If I put chilli in this cocktail, will it be ruined or perfect? Which chillis? The dried ones or…

That boy at school who hunted me at school? Was this his outlet or was he just a tosser? An outlet from what horrors? Was this pain manifested? Could I survive this through my empathy and pity for him? What could I do to help? Would that make me feel better?


What are you curious about? Where does your mind wander to on the train, the mountain top or during pointless meetings?

Curious minds are asking questions of themselves, others, their surroundings. Why? When? Who? How can I get better? How can I rid myself of this pain? Can I be happy, or just contented? Is that enough?

Curious minds care. They get better at being themselves. They have empathy. They’re interesting to engage with. Will give and take. Vulnerable but better for it. Tough as hell but not too tough. Good company.

Men with curious minds try not to be dicks, because they’re thinking about the other person. Men with curious minds don’t troll, abuse or become bigots.

frahm jacket utility field jacketMen with curious minds do fairly well in pub quizzes. They can make things that change humanity. They can find ways to settle disputes, but know when not to give in. They can make really good Vietnamese food.

Consider FRAHM. Do research. Weigh it up. Equip yourself with a FRAHM Jacket and go out into a world of experiences, urban, rural, human, with an open mind and heart. Make the world a tiny bit better. And enjoy the experience.

Curiosity can change the world, even if jackets can’t.



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