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Wild Beer Co. X FRAHM Jacket

We’re doing a competition with our friends Wild Beer Co.

Click this link on the Wild Beer Co. site to win £500 worth of FRAHM Utility Field Jacket, along with 2 Iced Modus and The Big Boxof beers. (Competition ends December 9th 2018)

FRAHM Jacket Wild Beer Co competition

Why Wild Beer Co.? It's not just because they create lush beers and have a photogenic barrel cellar (and a photogenic brewer in Russ). We have so much in common.

We’re both based in Somerset. We’d be able to wave at each other, if it weren’t for this massive beautiful green valley separating us.

We’re both young local businesses. We know how hard it is to build a business against all the corporate players, especially when you know you have a world beating product.

We’re both obsessed by detail and quality. The littlest details that make the accumulated differences between average, or even good….and extraordinary. For Wild Beer Co., it’s in every aspect of the brewing process, from the quality of and sourcing of ingredients, to the transfer and ageing of our beers. For FRAHM, it’s sourcing the finest, toughest, highest performance British fabric, to the strength of the stitching on each pocket.

FRAHM Jacket Utility Field zip detail

We’re both Wild about nature and difference. FRAHM Jackets are made to Explore Life. That’s the obvious stuff, like hiking up windy passes, to those aspects of life that still need performance. Cycling to work, sitting in the pub drinking…Yep, a Wild Beer (we're such filthy compliment slags).

Wild Beer and FRAHM take classics and innovate them. Classic British jacket designs with far higher performance and practicality. Classic beers with more intense and complex flavours. 

Wild Beer Co FRAHM Jacket barrel cellar

Of course, we also have an obsession with pubs. We feel pubs are central to happy people and especially happier men. Men share their problems over a drink. it’s their ‘safe space’, as, generalising, women are a bit better at sharing their issues. Men need a bit of a prod.  

Frahm Jacket Utility Field

So, no, it’s not just a give-away competition. It’s two local businesses working together as part of a community, with shared values. Which seems like a good thing.

Best of luck in the competition!

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