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Hey You, Don't Ignore Burnout

I am burning out. I can feel it.

So I just yanked the red safety cord. I'm going bike packing for a few days next week, on short notice.

FRAHM Jacket has grown 15X in 21 months. We're a totally different business and organisation. We're running multiple projects, per member of staff.

We're firing on all cylinders. That leaves none for myself. I know from bitter, terrifying experience if you don't care of yourself, you can get into a very bad mental state.

It's easy to just 'push through'. It's not easy for a founder to ignore the guilt and stop.

But if you run the engine too hard, for too long, it'll catch fire. Then you're in trouble.

That's the pointy end. The day to day is you stop enjoying your job. You make poor decisions. Miss stuff.

I know I'm entering burnout, because:
  • I start shaking all the time, barely noticeably. That's stress hormones.
  • I go to bed early, disinterested in stuff.
  • I procrastinate on stuff I know I want, even love, to work on.
  • I look at my diary and can't imagine getting through the week.
  • Your company grows 15X in 21 months!!! HA HAAAA.
So, a wee break. On my own, in bad weather (all part of the 'escape into nature' thing), on a bike. Simplicity. It always works.

3 days isn't enough. I'll take 2 fat weeks at Xmas.

Until then, we continue to grow, but my business needs me poppin', not stoppin'.

Founders, anyone, prioritise your health, and try not to work for anyone who doesn't see the plus side to you being healthy.
Nick (founder) x

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