11 sizes, right up to Tall & 5XL. Even free sleeve alterations...



We don't make jackets for Everest, or catwalks.

We don't make jackets with massive logos, in shiny plastic, that are fitted for 20 year old models.

We make jackets for what you ACTUALLY DO. Not some slick marketing construct. We make jackets for real life.

Real life can sometimes be very tough (which is why we support CALM). It can also be really beautiful. We make jackets for both the tough, and the beautiful stuff.

FRAHM make jackets for holidays in Japan. A crunch board meeting. A picnic in the rain. Your daughter's goalkeeping practice. To walk your mum's dog, because she can't. Or for that date you're sat in front of in the restaurant. You know, real stuff.

We make jackets with utility. That work & last. That store loads of stuff. That are comfortable & flattering, in 11 sizes.

The jacket you always wanted, but could never find.

The one you always grab.

We've broken down our 12 Autumn Winter jackets into 4 types. Enjoy.


Ventile Thermal Field Jacket / Foreign Correspondent's Jacket / Thermal Military Parka


The Kings are not cheap.

Not because we decided to whack a fancy price tag.

Because we built these beauts with all we could.

Every zip, snap, stitch, fabric, cut, line, tweak, cord, pocket, clunk.

Every single detail is the best. But never shouting it.


The Ventile Thermal Field Jacket for a Winter jacket that is luxurious, but doesn't shout it. This jacket says "Good decisions." not "Look at my money."

The Foreign Correspondent's Jacket if you're after the best business travel jacket. Fit in everywhere, carry lots of stuff, look smart for your Manhattan powwow, but still be able to grab a beer in Brooklyn street afterwards.

The Thermal Military Parka if you want a superchunk Winter jacket that's built tougher than anything else. It's a tank. Nothing shiny & plastic. Nothing that will explode if it gets caught on your car door. Grrrr.


Original Utility Field Jacket - Insulated Version / Uninsulated Version / Woodland Worker's Jacket


Most British weather is mostly 'between'.

Not cold, not warm, middle.

Some showers, wind, then sun. Then change again. Dare we say, 'mild'.

These are the jackets designed for maximum use, across most of your calendar.

Workhorses that hang by the door, that you whip off as you run to work, drive to a Cornish weekend away, or wrestling your kid to their mate's birthday party.

They're always smart, always fit in.

Buy the Original Utility Field Jacket uninsulated if you run hot, and want a lightweight jacket for intermediate weather from March to October.

Upgrade to Insulated, if you run cold, or want to expand it's cold weather use, if you live further North.

Get the Woodland Worker's Jacket for a tougher, stiffer, more structured look that's always smart, in a forest or meeting.


Thermal Ripstop Field Parka / Ripstop Puffer Jacket / Lightweight Quilted Gilet


Puffer jackets are great. Except they're not.

They're usually shiny, naff and massive. But yes, warm.

Being FRAHM, we make improvements. We use matt fabric, classically styled, made less bulky.

They rip too easily, so we used parachute fabric tech in ripstop fabric.

They don't have pockets, at least not enough, or in the right places.

And you KNOW we love a pocket or eight. Got to have pockets for MAN STUFF.


The Thermal Ripstop Field Parka for freezing weather, or standing watching rugby all afternoon in biting winds.

The Ripstop Puffer Jacket for cold weather to head into town on Saturdays, walk the dog on brisk winter mornings, or mooch about at the back of the pub, nursing the Sunday papers.

The Lightweight Quilted Gilet added to any FRAHM, to expand it's use in colder weather, or to keep the chill off, tinkering in the shed.


Midweight Flannel Lumber Jacket / Midweight Flannel Jacket / Lightweight Corduroy Jacket


Overshirts are great, but they're too simple.

You want something heard wearing that's ridiculously comfy.

You want hand pockets.

You probably didn't realise you wanted a slot to stick your pen/glasses/sunnies/Roman Candle* in.

All the FRAHM detail, simply done, so cosily.

*Don't do this.

The choice is simple. They're cut the same, it's down to personal choice.

Tartan for, err, checks!

Solid flannel colour, for...not checks.

Corduroy, for, well, cor...

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