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If you’ve ever held a FRAHM, you’ll know that the level of quality, detail and exactness, especially given they're all handmade, only comes from people with immense skill and experience.

We only use the best. The best workers are headhunted for these factories, just like any more highly skilled employees. No sweatshops here.

This is Pafil, on the Duoro Valley in Portugal. Like all our factories, they specialise in a rare combination of classic tailoring with technical performance.


This is FRAHM founder & jacket designer Nick, with factory owner Carla. He's making that weird face because he's over-excited anmd begging the photographer to record what she's doing.

They’re testing our waterproof fabric and seam taping.

The process involves pushing water against the fabric at ever higher pressures. They couldn’t believe the strain the fabric was taking. Not a drop.


Next they tested a seam without tape. Low pressure (a shower), it’s fine.

High pressures (we’re talking deep sea diving, but don’t try that at home kids), comes through in big drops.

Nick is holding up the lab test report. It was superb.

You can see the joy in Nick's eyes. Way better than it’s official rating. He's a bit of geek for this stuff.

These processes are not cheap, but then excellence never was.


Next up, Somelos in Portugal, who provide many of our jacket linings. Almost all of which are extremely soft brushed pure cotton.

The fabric library here has literally hundreds of thousands of fabric samples from the past eight decades. Proper kid in a sweet shop stuff.

They're legends and it shows. Especially in in the end product. Pure cotton flannels, tartan linings, cotton cashmere shirting. Phoarrgh.

It was Nick's birthday, the day we took these images, but he was as happy as he gets.

When you're an obsessive jacket designer, this kind of thing is heaven.

He's wearing his dark navy 2022 Original Lightweight Worker's Jacket, because it was hot that day.

Laser Cutting

Lasers are cool. Laser cutting is used on synthetic materials for extremely clean, sealed lines. Complicated or tricky shapes can be created.

This is something only the most skilled factories offer.

We go the extra mile on every single detail. Our factories have (literally) 300 page manuals covering every single tiny process we require.

We specify the higher gauge thread nobody else uses, because 'they won't notice'.

We twin needle stitch everything.

We specify UP, not down, to save money. That's why a FRAHM is expensive. That's why we're unapologetic about that.

Peow peow.

We love factories. They’re fascinating



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