Autumn arrivals are weeks away & we're already running very low.


What goes into a FRAHM jacket?

We work super hard on our jackets.

Every design you see is the culmination of years of thought and research. We'd much rather bust a gut creating one perfect jacket, than spread our efforts out over an entire collection of pieces. Who needs lots of average jackets when you can have one phenominal one?

What makes our jackets different?

When making our Waterproof Utility Field Jacket Nick drove production insane because he wanted to find the perfect pulls. Eventually he found the Shimada Japanese rubber zip pulls. We use these across multiple jackets,paired with oversized, chunky YKK custom laser cut hardened stainless steel zips.

As well as using the best of the best, the products we create have to have a timeless appeal. We want you to be able to wear it for years, if not generations to come. If it's too trend led, it isn't for us.

A New way to manufacture

We only make one small parcel of each style of jacket a year. These are always sold as pre-orders. This clever little sales model means that we hold very little stock and nothing goes to waste. We can cut down costs that don't contribute to quality, putting all our cash towards the things that matter to us: top quality fabrics, uncompromising details and better manufacturing.

Responsible by choice

FRAHM Jackets are TOUGH. We spend months choosing top quality fabrics that provide exceptional technical properties and are built to last. This means we can reduce the impact of manufacting clothes over the years.

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