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FRAHM Ripstop Jackets in Greater Detail

New product launches are a big deal for us, and for you.

For us, a launch is the culmination of years of thought and research. Then, conceptualising, R&D, design, redesign, sampling, testing, feedback, redesign, testing, feedback, redesign, photography, then eventually - manufacture. For us, launches are where we finally show you what we've worked so hard on, for so long. Exciting/scary/fun.

What about you? A FRAHM is a gorgeous thing. We hope you lust after them. But buying a FRAHM isn't cheap. They're investment pieces that you need to feel fully informed upon, before committing. Especially as you need to pre-order as far in advance as you're able. We get that.

So need more info. Here it is.

Like all FRAHM Jackets, the Lightweight Ripstop Parka and the Lightweight Ripstop Chore Jacket are dripping with so many little details that add up to a far greater whole. We're always looking for ways to tweak classic styles into more beautiful, practical, long lasting, comfortable, flattering pieces.

What is ripstop fabric?

Developed for parachutes, a light, but tear resistant fabric was needed. A thick, heavy fabric wasn't an option, so a grid of 'breakers' is woven in. These squares stop a small hole becoming, given the huge forces on a parachute, a potentially fatal total collapse.

This doesn’t mean it’s indestructible of course, but it will stop a tear from ripping all the way. A small hole from a rusty nail is better than a jacket in two pieces. It’s used for yachts, parachutes and hovercraft skirts, where structural integrity under duress is a must.

Frahm Lightweight Ripstop Parka
Metal eyelet vents under the armpits of a FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Parka
Frahm Lightweight Ripstop Chore Coat
The microscopic build quality of the fabric, held together with twin needle stitching. Little things that make a huge difference over the life of a FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Chore Coat versus a cheaper jacket, where the small things aren't paid attention to. It's why your jacket fell apart faster than you expected.

Why use ripstop? 

These facets are very 'FRAHM'. Toughness & practicality, combined with comfort: the woven nature of light waxed cotton makes it very breathable and easy to wear.

Ripstop also has the unusual quality of looking great creased. This lends itself to casual jackets for a lazy (busy!) wearer like me. I'm not into ironing (though you can iron this fabric). I'm a thrower, a scruncher, a jacket user and abuser. I want to grab a jacket and go. Ripstop is perfect for this. You can shove it in a backpack for a few weeks, pull it out if it gets chilly or it starts raining in the pub garden, and it just looks 'parachutey' (made up word) not dishevelled. 

Both our ripstop jackets use Halley Stevenson Ripstop fabric, manufactured in Dundee with 150+ years of expertise and technical knowledge. Made from 100% organic 153g cotton, the fabric is lightweight, wind and shower proof and of course tear resistant. It won't change a lightbulb or do your accounts though. 


FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Parka YKK Zips

Range-topping oversize YKK custom laser cut hardened stainless steel zip, with a Japanese Shimada real rubber zip pull on the FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Parka

FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Chore Coat

Oversized, taped-on horn slot buttons on the FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Chore Coat

What about trim & finish?

As with all our designs, we love to spec the best. For the Parka, I chose a chunky military influenced set of stainless steel trims.

I hate chucked-on hoods, so there's an awful lot of detail and adjustability gone into this. From the storm peak, to the 3-point adjustability and multi-panel finish, it's a hood that works, fits & even looks good. Not a bag with a hole at the front.

The Chore gets black trim, utilising thick grossgrain tape to attach oversize slot buttons. These are not falling off in a hurry.

I do love the poacher's cargo pocket at the rear of the Chore. The pocket flap is secured with magnets, making access simple, with security to stop your valuables bouncing out. Magnets mean you can open it one-hand-behind-your-back and it just satisfying 'clunks' closed. Its the little things.

Colour hyperbole

We've tried to show you just how great these colours are. The Admiral Blue is very rich and almost iridescent. Its a great balance of opulent and classic.

The Tiger Orange is gorgeous and we've used it as a highlight on the other options. That orange chest pocket on the Khaki Green looks absolutely banging. 

We've trimmed the underside the lower cargo pocket flaps of the Khaki Green & Admiral Blue with Tiger Orange, for a flash of colour. Details details.

    FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Parka

     FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Parka with Italian hardened stainless steel snaps & contrast pocket flap underside in Tiger Orange.

    We develop a lot of designs. These always looked like winners. I'm in love with them, and judging by the first 48 hours of pre-order sales, you can see what we mean. I'm very proud of these beauts. I hope you'll love yours as much as I loved wearing & testing mine.

    Take care,


    FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Parka

    The FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Parka in Khaki Green with Tiger Orange highlights, modelled by artist and local small business owner Miles. 

    FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Chore Coat

    The FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Chore Coat in Admiral Blue, modelled by surfing househusband Chris. 

    Chris wears sunglasses by our friends Banton Frameworks.

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