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Unapologetically expensive, extraordinary value

A FRAHM isn’t cheap. It shouldn’t be. Couldn’t be. Will never be.

Why? The answers is so screamingly obvious it seems to need restating:

Our jackets cost a lot because they are excellent.

It seems to need saying because so many comments on our social media express disgust at our prices. They assume that we just makes the same as a mid-range brand, and whack a price on it because we have a pretty website.

This makes me sad. Many folk have lost faith in an exchange of superb skills & materials for a high price.


"The Cobra clasp on the Foreign Correspondents Jacket on British Millerain of Lanacshire washable waxed cotton. Tough, beautiful, not cheap."

Steinway charged top dollar for his pianos. He had to. He wasn’t using balsa wood & paper glue. 

Enzo Ferrari didn’t make many cars. Each one a masterpiece. You waited, even if you were filthy rich, and you loved it forever. Still do.

 The Saville Row suit maker doesn’t make average things for an average price. In my previous life in film, I was lucky enough to be able to afford the odd bespoke suit. They cost a bomb. But my god the result. The fit, the style, the comfort, the service, the experience! Wonderful. But damned expensive. Worth every penny. A huge inspiration for FRAHM.

Many of us have lost faith because a fair exchange of cash for product is no longer the norm. You buy into a major brand as an assurance. But so many brands, now backed by big money, lean on brand reputation. A product that’s over-promised, that under-delivers. Disappointment. 

It’s short-term thinking. Get the money now. Then run away!


 "Oversize YKK Aquaguard waterproof zip & Cobrax B:Lock snap (male) on Ventile waterproof cotton. Tough, beautiful, not cheap."


This is how brands die. Slowly, imperceptibly, we lose faith in them and move on, tired of busted stitching, arms that are too tight, crappy pockets that don’t fit your hands, service that says no. Then they go into Sale, to recover revenue targets they’re missing, so they discount heavily. This kills their margin, so they regain it by reducing quality, which makes their reputation fall further. A slow death.

Which, frankly, and rightly (Darwin’s survival of the fittest!) is where we are thriving. Make a fair promise, over-deliver. Time and again our reviews say “Finally got my first FRAHM, and it’s even better than I hoped!”


 "Large corozo nut buttons from Courtneys of Gloucestershire, with triple wound thread, on twin needle stitched waxed cotton from Halley Stevensons of Dundee. Tough, beautiful, not cheap."


Amazing. Wonderful. Makes my heart sing! But we planned it that way. We want your delight. We work really really effing hard to get it.

By building expensive things. Putting the money into the jacket. Going the extra mile. The extra pocket. The best snap. The stronger cotton. The softer lining. It goes on.

All this costs. Better things cost more. It’s so simple. So obvious. But we’re cynical about that now.

With FRAHM, we mean what we say. More so. But don’t trust us, trust our unedited reviews. Better than we could ever dream to invent.

FRAHM is the real deal. Amazing, unpretentious, tough luxury. Beautiful things made with care, that last generations, not a season.

Investment pieces. 

You don’t pay for the label. The label is a badge of assurance, not the value itself. We don’t sell on image, but results.

We’re damned proud. And we’re not cheap. We’re unapologetic about that.


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