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🎬 Frahm at The Movies

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What are you into? Movies? Yes. Jackets? Yes. Absurdly charismatic actors saying stuff we want to repeat in the pub? Yep, me too. 

I got to represent a few movie directors and was an executive producer (posh title for the person everyone shouts at) in a previous life. Sure, that was for car ads & music videos, which don't count. But heh, it was at least a tantalising sniff of the good stuff. 
Here's how the movies I love have influenced FRAHM's aesthetic. It was a lot of fun* putting together. 
*Harrison Ford would never say 'fun'. Sigh. I'll never be like Han, I mean Harrison.


It took a few days to find a image of Arnie & Carl with some clothes on.
GET TO DA CHOPPA!! (Admittedly that's in Commando, but heh, artistic licence).
Our Jungle Utility Field Jacket has bigger pockets, for carrying moisturising mudpacks for disguising one's self from hunter aliens.
And a LOT of protein powder.



Heh, stop laughing. Admittedly QoS was not a high point in the Bond franchise, but my company did the title sequence!
True Story: I invited 200 guests to a private screening... They cheered at the opening, then quietly left as the movie dragged on...
Aaaanyway, there's Daniel Craig looking not uncool in a perfectly decent Harrington. 
If only he'd worn one of our Harrington Racer Jackets it wouldn't be all scuffed up like that. 



The best jacket in Star Wars, on the second coolest character after Boba Fett. 
Apparently it went for $1.3M at auction.
Ours is about 2,000 times cheaper, though admittedly expensive compared to most.
Then again, our Original Utility Field would have got $1.4M at auction, if Ford had worn it.
WHY? Why can't I time travel?? Argghhh.



This Is England director Shane Meadows and producer Mark Herbert (listen to our podcast with him here) made something low budget, and very special. Its a revenge movie like no other.
It was shot close to wear I grew up. Paddy Considine & Meadows are local East Midlands lads, like me. 
I'd love to have put Considine in a Twelve Pocket Parka.
Tougher & more protective than his heavy cotton field jacket, he'd have enough pockets for knives, gas masks, lipstick and camping provisions.



The iconic trench coat in Blade Runner is just for show. Look at how it wets out.
This is my problem with tench coats in real life too.
We made the FRAHM Waterproof Trench Coat, errr, waterproof. It's also tough enough to get thrown through a wall by a replicant*.
*We have not actually tried this, as no replicant ever admits to being one and I don't have an eye reader.



Steve McQueen, tried to jump over barbed wire fences, in a FECKING T-SHIRT. Madness. 
Peak McQueen. Damn that man. He almost rivals Ford for ManCool.
Heresy I know, but it offends me that he's not wearing a jacket.
Especially not THIS jacket.



See?! I wasn't lying about fireman's clasps being used on fireman's jackets. Bruce Willis can prove it.
I mean, these clasps are so massive they could have taken down an entire group of mercenary whackos just by clunking at them.
We don't have images of a bare chested sweaty Chris in the Thermal Military Parka, for some reason.
But he is wearing a really tough (it would Die Hard) jacket with fireman's clasps.



My favourite Christopher Nolan film, because I love space, quantum physics (but not Solace), visual representations of dimensions beyond our understanding and watching grown men cry.
Cooper should have had a Heavy Twill Deck Jacket to steal drones with.
One day...



Oh look, I only managed to mention Harrison Ford most of the time.
Best bit of the Star Wars franchise (apart from where dead frozen Leia flies in space....shudder) is the ice planet Hoth. OFFICIAL.
Han would have been way smarter for Leia if he'd worn a Ventile Thermal Field
And if Luke had worn one instead of a sodding gilet (check, you'll see. Honestly, teenagers...), Han wouldn't have had to gip at the intestines of a stinking Tauntaun. 

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