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Dilemma. That lightweight jacket you're desperate to wear is perilously thin and  you run the risk of freezing (or at the very least spending the day with your teeth chattering). The problem is, the cosy winter jacket you probably should wear, feels way too hot and bulky.

Enter the gilet, a functional extra layer that you can add over a shirt, or under a jacket and peel off at whim whenever you feel a bit stuffy. It's the inbetweeny British weather's best friend. Conveniently compact & lightweight, it's a versatile piece you'll get tonnes of wear out of. (Nick wears his constantly) 


Prav wears the Lightweight Quilted Gilet layered underneath the Original Utility Field Jacket

Can I wear my gilet indoors?

Absolutely! This is a garment designed to be worn with anything, the key is to layer it. If you're at the office or at home, you can pop it on over a t-shirt or shirt for added warmth. The Lightweight Quilted Gilet is made from high-quality ripstop fabric, so it doesn't have that nasty shiny plastic sheen to it and doesn't rustle like a crisp packet when you move. 


For a smart, casual office look, try wearing over our Lightweight Tartan Workshirt


What kind of jacket should I wear it with?

 The lightweight nature of this gilet means your can wear it under pretty much any jacket without adding too much extra bulk around your middle. It pairs great with our Original Utility Field Jacket for a smart casual outdoors look, or for ultimate protection from the elements wear with the Ventile Thermal Storm Jacket. The beauty of it is that if you start to feel a bit stuffy, you can simply remove the gilet and it packs away neatly in a bag.  


Prav wears the Lightweight Quilted Gilet in black with the Ventile Thermal Storm Jacket in blaze orange


How warm are they? 

The lightweight gilet is designed to keep you warm in temperatures from 18c to 8c with a t-shirt or shirt. On colder days or if you're heading out in winter, simply layer underneath your FRAHM Jacket to increase thermal protection. The style is shower & wind resistant, plus we've used Primaloft Gold™ for padding which is fast drying & hydrophobic, so even if you did get drenched in a prolonged downpour it should keep you warm. 

If you're looking to up the thermal properties even more, try our Quilted Utility Gilet. Made in a mid-weight waxed cotton it's the slightly chunkier big brother to the lightweight style and looks great layered on top of a shirt or jacket. 


Dave wears the Quilted Utility Gilet


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