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The Fleece Utility Field Jacket in Detail

When we first came across the soft woollen fleece used to make this jacket, we couldn't keep our hands off it. Soft and forgiving. Incredible structure, and holds its shape beautifully. Quintessentially FRAHM. We just had to use it. 

So here it is. The Fleece Utility Field Jacket. We're very proud. 

The Italian fabric is an ultra-soft Italian brushed wool blend fleece made from 70% recycled wool and 30% recycled polyester.

Why use recycled wool?

Rearing, shearing, treating, everythinging wool is an intensive process. Wool lasts. Why throw it on the scrap heap (literally) after little use? Instead, give it a new, more technical life. 

The most vital things we can do as manufacturers and designers is 1. Not make waste (that's the pre-orders) and 2. Make something that lasts, that isn't quickly replaced because its rubbish, that can be repaired, that lasts, maybe, a lifetime (that's FRAHM quality).

Why use recycled polyester if you're using natural wool?

Polyester gives this jacket an even longer life. It adds strength & structure, giving the jacket durability and allowing us to design a structured (not baggy or floppy) but relaxed fit. Soft & Comfortable. Just the right amount of stretch.

That all important stucture means we can form great pockets, so many crisp, capacious field pockets. Got to love those clean lines. The pocket closures are hardened stainless steel, also from Italy. Clunk click, every trip.

Macro photography of the Tundra Wool Field Jacket

Why tape not sew on buttons?

Check out those taped-on buttons. Yum. Large corozo nut slot buttons have a nice chunk to them and are secured with a black herringbone grossgrain tape.

This makes them incredibly tough and creates a contrasting military-style super tough detail. Phwoar. We do love a bit of military detail.  

Macro photos of the inside of the Tundra wool field jacket

Inside detail, not just outside

Two large secure inner dry-waxed cotton pockets, one button secured and one by snapped pocket flap. Tough, with beautifully simple detailing, as ever.

Contrasting soft blue cotton merino wool is used to edge the pockets and as a lining on hand pockets, inner cuffs, inner seams and inner shoulders. Toasty detailing for a tough, cosy finish. 

This might just be our best one yet. (But we love all our children!)

Preorders are will arrive in October 2022 and we expect them to be snapped up quickly, as has been the case throughout the last few years, since we launched.

You can check out the range of colours here.

If we hadn't said it already... HOTDAMN THAT'S A SWEET JACKET (as we imagine The Kids say).

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